viernes, abril 08, 2016

El largo plazo en Vale

Tendencias de largo plazo indican que cuando se complete s11d (proyecto bandera de Vale) a encontrar mejores precios...

India is projected to transition from being a net exporter of iron ore in 2014 to importing 46 million tonnes of iron ore in 2021. While India has significant reserves of iron ore—estimated at 8.1 billion tonnes at 64 per cent iron content—the high cost of production coupled with output caps in the key producing regions of Karnataka, Odisha and Goa mean that it is unlikely that India will be able to produce sufficient quantities of iron ore to meet demand from its growing steel industry.
While India is projected to become a significant source of growth in seaborne iron ore demand over the medium term, this may not eventuate if government mining restrictions are lifted or export duties are reduced. In addition, the Indian Government may introduce policies to ensure that it is self-sufficient in iron ore. Finally, there is some uncertainty around the projections for India’s steel production, which determines the level of domestic demand.
The United States is also projected to transition to becoming a net importer of iron ore, importing 20 per cent of its iron ore needs in 2021. This reflects continued moderate growth in US steel production coupled with expectations for lower iron ore mine capacity over the medium term.

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También Australia se puso bull en precios y market share para los tres gigantes: